Christine Stone MD

Board-certified independent general internal medicine in Longmont, Colorado

Dr. Christine Stone is the physician-owner of Remedy Clinic PC, a direct-pay internal medicine practice in Longmont, Colorado. She believes that responsive and straight-talking healthcare can be both humanely offered and reasonably priced. She believes in attending to you, not to a jumbled mess of electronic data on a computer screen. She does not personally partake of, nor does she practice, corporate assembly-line style medicine. She believes high-volume big-box primary care clinics–with their fluorescent lights, glaring screens, intrusive beeping noises, and the irritated & impatient attitudes of their overloaded & multitasking personnel–do not constitute a hospitable environment for folks suffering from illness, for practitioners of the healing arts–or for any living creature for that matter. You and your health deserve undivided professional attention in a peaceful setting conducive to thoughtful conversation.

Dr. Stone is a second-generation physician. She attended medical school at East Tennessee State University. She completed her residency training at Emory University. She is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, Practicing Physicians of America, and the Boulder County Medical Society.

Internal medicine services:
  • Management of complex chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure
  • Monitoring and adjusting chronic medication regimens
  • Initial diagnosis of new illness
  • Annual physical examinations and preventative care
  • Coordinating care with specialists, home nurses, hospice, long-term care facilities, etc.