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Compassionate Medical Problem-Solving
at a Reasonable, Practical Price

*We’ve now moved to 1330 Sunset St. in Longmont in The Therapy Center building*

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Speak, Friend,…and Enter

Dr. Christine Stone welcomes you to the Remedy Clinic, and a unique, fresh, and transparent approach to private practice.

The Remedy Clinic specializes in creating a better pathway toward health for YOU.

It’s not about pharmaceutical companies, insurance conglomerates, Medicare, or ridiculous overhead.

It’s about YOU.

Discover the Difference

It’s about offering you the focus and care you need to get to the proper diagnosis and a practical, affordable solution.

It’s about helping you manage your biggest asset:


What Remedy Clinic PC Offers


No Hidden Costs
You’ll know exactly what your treatment will cost BEFORE we proceed – so you can make the best choices for your needs.


No Nonsense
I won’t waste your time or suggest unnecessary treatments. We’ll work together to determine YOUR best option for health care.


No Rush – No Distractions
Unlike big box practices, I have time to focus entirely on you and your needs. You’re more than just a file and a credit card.

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Remedy Clinic PC
1330 Sunset St.
Longmont, CO 80501

(Located on the main floor of The Therapy Center building)

Christine Stone is a Medical Doctor with Colorado license number DR.0038156
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